My Mission is to Empower People to that they can live the life that God designed them to live.

Do you feel powerless?

If you do, you are not alone. I struggled for years attempting to find my place in the world. I thought that I had, then I had a stroke and my whole world changed. Things that once came easy for me were not so easy. In the process, I found a whole new compassion for people that were held back because of their finances, lack of education, physical limitations, or anything that would hinder them from being satisfied with the live they are living.

I started Dunamis Empowerment Foundation in 2015 to empower people's lives. Dunamis empowers people primarily through education. We help people find their voice by helping them self-publish books through Kindle Direct Publishing, by teaching them how to start a nonprofit or small business, and to live the life that God designed for them to live through coaching and online courses.